Deep learning-based machine vision
AI-powered machine vision solution
Deep learning machine vision
AiV's proprietary artificial intelligence neural network is tailored for material/component inspection, while the optimized optical systems and mechanical design ensure they meet specific customer requirements.
AiV's cutting-edge deep learning machine vision solution features pioneering proprietary detection algorithms, meticulously customized inspection equipment tailored to the customer's production site and product, and a range of deep learning-based inspection software that seamlessly integrates with existing inspection equipment.
Turn-key machine vision solution
AiV's inspection equipment synergizes deep learning models, optical systems, and specialized equipment for detecting atypical defects
  • Pioneer in providing a comprehensive deep learning machine vision solution for mass production
  • AiV's proprietary neural network designed exclusively for industrial product inspection
  • Customized optical systems tailored to each customer for optimal defect detection
  • Efficient equipment design meeting customer's tact time requirements
Deep learning inspection software
AiV's comprehensive deep learning inspection platform, AiVOps, operates on the web and cloud, offering features such as:
  • Arachne: An efficient data annotation platform
  • Athena: A platform for deep learning training, model validation, and model management
For deep learning inspection runtime mode software:
  • World-class deep learning algorithms are included
  • AiV's proprietary neural network for industrial product inspection is available as vision software that can be inferred in C++
  • A blend of deep learning inspection algorithms and rule-based algorithms enhances the performance of atypical defect inspection