Deep learning
computer vision
for all industrials
We realize intelligent automation solutions that
transform the manufacturing industry through the
convergence of world-class deep learning computer vision technology and optomechatronics technology.

AiV is leading the smart factory paradigm change through faster and
more accurate inspection compared to existing visual inspectors,
logistics automation for objects with atypical layout/shapes, and CCTV video analysis.

Based on deep learning computer vision

Quality Automation

Deep learning inspection equipment combining a typical appearance defect detection deep learning model and optical/mechanical equipment

Deep learning model for inspection of a typical appearance defects that can be applied to existing inspection equipment and applied to mass production

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Based on deep learning computer vision

Logistics Automation

Automatic equipment and algorithms equipped with deep learning and 3D CV algorithms

Logistics automation vision algorithm applicable to existing logistics automation equipment and mass production

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Based on deep learning computer vision

Video data analysis

CCTV video analysis algorithm for real-time detection and notification of worker safety/security

Worker load rate analysis by line and zone through prediction of the worker's working/idle mode and worker safety/security analysis/warning algorithm

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AI-based Quality Inspection Solution
Deep learning powered defect inspection
This is the world's first deep learning machine vision turnkey solution that allows customers to learn all the tasks required in quality inspection on one platform and derive optimized models. Use it directly on the web without any separate installation.
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AI-based Bin picking

Deep learning powered smart bin/piece picking

Utilizing AiV's optical engineering technology optimized for customer's target performance with Palletizing, depalletizing Deep learning-based Object detection, various computer vision algorithms, we provide logistics automation of irregular targets through sophisticated object recognition and XYZ coordinate derivation.

AI-based CCTV Video Data Analysis

AI-based surveillance camera analysis

Create a safer and more productive site through AiV's algorithm that is essential for the overall logistics process, from raw material input to processing/assembly in manufacturing, and that detects objects and analyzes human poses.

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solution image

Industrial Data Management and Analysis

Industrial data management

We help improve productivity and quality through the storage, integration, and analysis of all data generated from raw material input, processing/assembly process, and quality inspection in the manufacturing value chain.


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